Agnieszka Kurek

Agnieszka Kurek is a California board certified acupuncturist, who is passionate about helping her patients accomplish their optimal health goals and succeeding in their personal healing journey. She strongly believes that the human body is a whole system, and in order to treat a disease it is crucial to find the root cause. Agnieszka understands the importance and complexity that integrating both Western and Eastern medicine brings, and is eager to support her patients to find balance within their body, mind, and soul.

Her specialty ranges from women’s health with an emphasis in reproductive medicine, pre-menopause, and menopause. Orthopedic conditions with a focus on back and knee disorders. She is also known for her ability to treat skin disease and allergic conditions, as well as lymphatic guasha.

She has also had the opportunity to Intern in China, at Beijing International Acupuncture Hospital, Venice Family Clinic in Venice, California and YSU Community clinic earning valuable experience.

Agnieszka received her master’s degree at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine receiving the Academic Excellence Award for graduating top of her class. She is also a PhD candidate in women’s health and reproductive medicine.