We are understanding more and more the resources impact of nutrition on our health. Food has been linked to various health outcomes depending on the different dietary choices we make. Resources Chinese Medicine has valued this aspect of health for centuries by utilizing food as medicine. It is one of the fundamental pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Healthy nutrition can help heal the body and aid in disease prevention as well as help bring harmony within our bodies. Chinese Medicine has always recognized that different foods and approach to food produce different effects in the body. Various aspects of food are considered in TCM nutritional therapy such as their nature, quality, quantity, seasonality, energetics, and temperature. All of these different components are integral to determining the right foods for each individual. We know that there is not one diet that fits all.

Many diseases and symptoms can be treated with dietary changes such as eczema, psoriasis, digestion issues, fatigue, constipation, menstrual issues, and many more. However, it can be difficult to navigate the various diets and nutritional advice. At Art of Chinese Healing, we integrate the ancient wisdom of TCM to address current health concerns through the guidance of our professional team. Our practitioners conduct an in-depth assessment of your current nutritional status, eating preferences, and health goals to provide customized plans designed to provide detailed nutrition and lifestyle plans. We help to guide each individual to make suitable food choices depending on certain food sensitivities and preferences.