Holistic Approach to Healing and Wellness

At the Art of Chinese Healing, we are committed to providing effective and result-oriented treatments to improve your quality of life. We take a comprehensive approach to your health in identifying root causes of your symptoms. By utilizing the most precise diagnostic and treatment methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we offer personalized treatments to restore your body’s innate healing.

Specialty Clinics

Skin Health & Beauty

Natural approach to treating various skin conditions and beauty concerns of all ages such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc. Dermatology expertise and beauty specialists provide non-invasive methods and long-lasting treatments. Customized program without the use of harsh chemicals and medications to achieve optimal results.

Women’s Health & Fertility

Compassionate and highly specialized program from our professional experts in women’s health and fertility. Guiding you step-by-step to support in the various stages in reproductive and gynecological health by using a personalized approach with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Integrative Pain Management

Comprehensive methods to treat various pain conditions such as acute injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, and chronic pain and illness. Integrating Eastern and Western approaches, our specialists meet unique patient needs to achieving effective outcomes and optimal recovery with minimal to no side-effects.

General Medicine

Holistic health care utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and methods in treating root causes, acute conditions, and chronic illness. Preventative goals and maintaining optimal health through acupuncture, herbal medicine, natural supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle as well as conventional medicine approach.

Services We Offer

Services we provide in our different specialty programs. Quality Service. Comprehensive therapeutic modalities.

Meet Our Team

Your health is in reliable hands

Dr. Yueying Li

Dr. Yueying Li

Dr. Li specializes in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Dermatology, Women’s Health and more.
Sally Goluboff

Sally Goluboff

Sally Goluboff specialty and passion is treating Women’s Health, Reproductive Medicine, ...
Stella Kim

Stella Kim

Stella Kim (L.Ac.) is a board-certified, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in ...
Kim Bortulin

Kim Bortulin

Kim Bortulin is an esthetician and skincare specialist who believes that looking good is ...

Noelle B.

I have been seeing Agnieszka for about a year, and her care has been life changing. I originally came for pain management for a sports injury, but she quickly helped me realize that I had a lot of other imbalances physically, mentally, + emotionally. She has been nurturing proactive + knowledgeable, and I have never left more grounded + healthy in my life. The team here are world class + so is the care so is the care they provide.

Rebecca C.

Dr.Kumiko has been such a light in my life as I’ve been battling hormone balancing, sleep irregularities, and chronic pain. She has been someone I can go to with all of this and listens while guiding me on my health journey. I feel like Art of Chinese Healing has become my home away from home that truly cares about my well being . Wassana has been able to partner with Dr. Kumiko as my care team and has provided me so much relief with my muscle tension and is consistent with following my healing plan alongside Dr. Kumiko. Both ladies are passionate about what they do each day to serve patients! Thank you Wassana and Dr. Kumiko!

Jennifer Sagadraca

I absolutely love the team at AOCH.
Everyone is kind and caring. Dr. Kumiko is a true healer. I always feel at peace after my acupuncture sessions. Wassana is also an amazing massage therapist. Dr. Kumiko & Wassana have helped speed up my recovery post ACL surgery. I cannot recommend them enough.


There aren’t enough words to convey the impact Dr.Kurek’s care and healing have had on me and my concussion recovery journey. Her genuine compassion and knowledge and time spent with me has made the world of difference.
While I still have more to go on this road to recovery, I’m now full of confidence and hope that my body and mind have the tools and healing to improve every day.

Cynthia Houston

My experience here has been great. Dr. Kurek has been amazing at helping to ease my lower back pain and more. She has given me advice on how to help myself even when I’m not here and has thoroughly explained the acupuncture process. She has given me advice on how to help myself even when I’m not here and has thoroughly explained the acupuncture process. It was such a pleasure to be treated by her.
Thank you!

Ashley S.

I’m so appreciative for Dr.Kumiko and the entire team! They have helped me feel supported, loved, and nourished through my fertility journey. I genuinely look forward to my weekly visits and thanks to Dr. Kumiko, I am excited to bring a healthy baby into the world.

Tanya Bentley

Dr. Li’s creams changed my life! Her yellow anti-inflammation cream cured a years-long struggle with a rash all over my face and eyelids. Her anti-wrinkle cream – which I use 1-2x day everyday – makes my skin bright, clear, and youthful. People are constantly asking me what I do to have such amazing skin, and all I use is this cream! Thank you Dr. Li!

Robert Sheen

I have been seeing Dr. Li for over 15 years. My wife introduced me to her as I was suffering from eczema for several years. I tried all sorts of medical doctor dermatology specialists in Beverly Hills and homeopathic solutions. None worked until I saw Dr. Li. With acupuncture, and her magical E Cream, I was able to cure my eczema. I am so grateful to not deal with eczema and using steroid cream to control my condition. She found a cure for me. Since then, I see Dr. Li with muscle tightness or joint issues such as tendonitis or sprains.  As a polar explorer, I maintain a very high physical fitness. Dr. Li has helped me with injuries prior to and after my expeditions in most coldest and harshest environments. Dr. Li is amazing and I highly recommend her.

Marie Dokie

I’ve been coming to see Dr. Li for almost 15 years now, for various skin and muscle issues. She is very professional and effective at treating my conditions and therefore has had a profoundly positive affect on my overall health.


Dr. Li has been my doctor for fifteen years. She’s healed me of back pain, hormone imbalances and aggressive skin issues. There has not been one ailment that Dr.Li hasn’t helped me with. Dr.Li truely is the most gifted & compassionate doctor.


Excellent treatment and “bedside manner” highly recommend.

Peter, Los Angeles

Dr. Li is fantastic! I have seen her twice, and I am scheduled every week until I feel completely recovered. I have experienced outstanding results, and I am very confident that she can assist me with complete recovery. I have seen many people, experts in their various approaches to health care, and none have had much effort on the problems I have presented. Dr. Li’s treatment has positively affected every issue I am dealing with, and I feel really good! I am very grateful!

Art Of Chinese Healing
Art Of Chinese Healing
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Lisa Herdman
Lisa Herdman
Art of Chinese Healing is the best in the business! Their customization to each person’s particular needs is key. Most notably is their expertise in women’s health and wellness. This is definitely not a place where you will feel like you’re getting “one size fits all” treatment. I have found that they can help me with literally any ailment I may have or any health improvement I may need/want. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
Jordan Weiss
Jordan Weiss
Dr Kumiko is the best acupuncturist and healer ever. She is so attentive and she really listens to what you are saying. She is careful and thoughtful in her approach, she has helped me in so many ways- I am so thankful for her and her hard work xx
Claudia Young
Claudia Young
I cannot say enough great things about this practice. I have been seeing Dr. Kumiko Yamamoto for many years and I love working with her. She is such a warm, sweet and calming presence. Her style of acupuncture is gentle yet effective and filled with knowledge and expertise. The front desk staff at Art of Chinese Healing are so amazing. They are very welcoming and helpful. I look forward to coming to the office for my sessions and highly recommend this practice to anyone.
Gregory Rutchik
Gregory Rutchik
Stella was superb. Great eval of my body and problem; clear treatment plan and diag and the most tremendous accupuncture feeling in while. Tremendous density and reset of nervous system around it band. inflammation down. Thank you!!
Emily Williams
Emily Williams
The Art of Chinese Healing has been a godsent for me after struggling with some adrenal and hormonal issues as well as long-COVID symptoms. After only 2 months, I felt so much better. Each of the practitioners I have worked with has been wonderful and knowledgeable, and the office always helpful with scheduling and providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. Highly recommend!
Shawn Joseph
Shawn Joseph
I was recommended to try acupuncture for stress and I was not disappointed. The front office is friendly and cheerful, Liza was great about getting me in with Dr. Kumiko. It was my first session ever and I was not disappointed, I felt relief the same day and woke up the next morning without any pain. I look forward to continued treatment and would recommend to anyone dealing with chronic pain.
Mareike Arguello
Mareike Arguello
My GYN recommended I see Dr Kumiko for acupuncture when I was pregnant in 2020. I had never had acupuncture before and didn’t really know what to expect. Having my weekly treatment with Dr Kumiko and Dr Sally in my third Trimester are some of my fondest memories of my whole pregnancy. They are so caring and kind. I felt truly cared for seen. The treatments were so relaxing and my husband always laughed when he picked me up, he said he had never seen my face this relaxed before. We had a treatment a day before my due date and my water broke ON my due date, right on time. They checked in with me via email after my deliver and I even received a pretty card from them in the mail! I have a really chill little daughter, she was like that as a small tiny baby and still is as a toddler. I think the treatments with Dr Kumiko and my daily meditations are the reason my baby is so relaxed and alert! I can only recommend ‘the art of Chinese healing’ to anyone that is pregnant or looking for fertility treatments! Wish I could go all the time!
Rebecca Lepore
Rebecca Lepore
I have had such a great experience at Art Of Chinese Healing. Dr. Kumiko has worked wonders for me! She is incredibly kind, patient, and helpful. I have improved consistently since working with her. The front desk staff are also kind and helpful. Highly recommend!