Dr. Rodney EBrahimian

Dr. Rodney EBrahimian MD has 20 years of experience in physical medicine and rehabilitation, throughout his career he has helped rehabilitate patients with personal and work related injuries. Pain management is among his specialities: back, knee, neck pain and most musculoskeletal issues. Dr.EBrahimian strongly believes that modern medicine and alternative care combined can positively improve the outcome in patients’ care resulting in a better quality of life. The integration of natural medicine and acupuncture aid in the recovery of body injury holistically. As part of the Art of Chinese Healing and Integrative Medicine team, he has the ability to combine his western medical skill  with some of the best acupuncturist and naturopathic doctors in Los Angeles. 

Dr. EBrahimian MD attended UCLA for his undergraduate degree in a double major of psychology and biology. Subsequently, he attended St George ‘s university in the Caribbean . Having completed medical school,he performed his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation ( physiatrist ) at Albert Einstein university in the Bronx . Throughout the years, he has worked in multiple offices throughout Los Angeles, Inland empire and the Central Valley.