Kim Bortulin

Kim Burtulin is an Esthetician and Skincare Specialist

Kim Bortulin is an esthetician and skincare specialist who believes that looking good is feeling good, and natural beauty shines through glowing skin.

Kim has been helping her clients look their best for over 10 years using expert techniques — along with natural and organic products.

She specializes in common skin concerns such as congestion, blemishes, dehydration, dull complexion, anti-aging, wrinkles, hyper sensitivity, rosacea, irritation, hyper pigmentation and adult/teen acne prone skin. Kim also offers various waxing services.

She has a warm and welcoming personality. Looking deep into her client’s skin in order to customize a facial treatment is her specialty allowing her to target each individual’s concerns to achieve the best results. Kim looks forward to meeting everyone who wants to look their best now and for years down the road.

Kim studied at the Redondo Beach School of Beauty and Academy School of Beauty in Culver City.