Sally Goluboff

Sally Goluboff specialty and passion is treating Women’s Health, Reproductive Medicine, and Pain. 

Sally Goluboff completed her master’s degree in Chinese Medicine at Yo San University in 2013. She is dedicated to helping her patients get better and believes in the power of holistic medicine, as well as the importance of using both Eastern and Western medicine for an integrative approach. Ultimately, the goal is getting body, mind, and spirit back to a balanced state. She is passionate about helping her patients heal so that they may live their best life, being happy, healthy and fulfilling their life’s purpose.

Her specialties include Women’s Health and Reproductive Medicine. She has clinical experience in the pediatric pain management program at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. In her 10 years of experience she has found joy in treating children of all ages. 

Some of her other accomplishments include completing the Fellowship program at the Tao of Wellness. Eventually becoming an Associate and gaining valuable clinical experience there. She also treated low-income patients at the Venice Family Clinic.

Sally’s passion arose from her own fertility journey which led her to discover Chinese Medicine. Helping her patients on the journey to conception, then caring for them during pregnancy and postpartum, has truly been an honor for her.